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About Us

For people with autism, ADD, ADHD, multiple allergies & other special needs

Your Family's Health & Allergy Grocery

We set up "Little Giant" in 2006 as a result of searching for solutions to our family allergies and we want to have healthier alternatives for our children. The name "Little Giant" is chosen to honor those brave children with multiple intolerances, allergies and special needs. Our mission is to promote healthy living through sharing of knowledge and sourcing niche products in an honest and helpful way.

We strive to help children with these issues:


Food allergy




Heavy metal intoxication



Dustmite allergy

One-stop shop

We aim to provide a one-stop shop for people with allergies, intolerances, special dietary needs or simply those who want to live healthier. The prevalence of allergy and related diseases has increased greatly and rapidly in recent years due to perhaps over-exposure to contaminated food, water, air, household products, toxic metals and modern lifestyle. Our products range from,


Product Types

" Free From "

Organic grocery
Supplements (with a focus on children with autism, ADHD & ADD)
Eczema face & body care
Anti-dustmite beddings
Earth friendly household items
Educational toys and aids

Wheat free*

Gluten free*

Dairy free*

Egg free

Soy free

Sugar free


                                                     * All the food items we carry are free from wheat, gluten & dairy unless otherwise stated

For those who have been sticking to mainstream medication without success, I hope you will find our products useful.

Our own experience of living with allergies has helped us understand the difficulties faced by allergy sufferers and their families. It is our mission to keep you abreast of the current knowledge and information from top-notch professionals. We endeavour to provide support through our exhaustively-researched product range, clearer ingredient descriptions and convenient home delivery. We strive to provide products that are natural and free from chemicals. That is why apart from people with allergies, anyone who just want to live healthier and happier should find our products useful.

Sit back and browse our product range now and wait for them to be delivered to your door.

Also check out on “
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other types of allergies, parenting and special events.


Work hard and smart, be focused and keep things simple.